First ever “Alumni-Stammtisch” held in the UK – Inauguration of Alumni Chapter London

Montag, 21. November 2016 | 

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More than 25 alumnae and alumni gathered for the inauguration of the London Alumni Chapter of Alumni Freiburg at London’s South Kensington Club on Friday evening, 11 November.  A number of attendees brought friends and spouses to provide them a further glimpse into how much Freiburg means to each of us and to join in the fun.

Alumni Ambassador Daniel Celentano welcoming attendees to the first "Alumni-Stammtisch" in the UK.
Alumni Ambassador Daniel Celentano welcoming attendees to the first “Alumni-Stammtisch” in the UK.

As attendees shared their experiences over glasses of Prosecco in the warm atmosphere of the club, it became clear that they represented the extraordinary diversity of the University’s extended community.

Some studied in the 1960s; others in the 2010s.  We learned that one attendee (to the envy of all others!) is actually still a student at the University.  Some attendees spent only a single semester in Freiburg; others earned their PhDs or medical degrees there.  Areas of interest ranged from German literature to the sciences.  Careers spanned the fields of education, research, business, diplomacy and more.  Some attendees hailed originally from other continents, many from across Europe, and a few counted Freiburg, itself, as their home town!

It was terrific to share our stories with so many Freiburg alumnae and alumni in our second city in common, London.  During the first half of the evening, everyone also enjoyed a continuous slide show illustrating favourite sites in the Black Forest capital.  During the second half, attendees were intrigued by a continuous slide show highlighting the University’s incredible roster programs and many prestigious accomplishments.

The possibilities presented by the creation of an active chapter of Alumni Freiburg in London captured the enthusiasm of all attendees.  Many volunteered their ideas  and time for subsequent events including concerts, museum visits, and additional cocktail receptions.

We look forward to rekindling old friendships and making new ones through an active program of events.  We encourage all to do some London “friend raising”!  Please encourage your alumnae and alumni friends living in London to join our exciting new Chapter by contacting the Head of our Alumni-Departement Dr. Cornelia Staeves.

Thanks to all participants for making our inaugural event such a success!  To find impressions from our event click here. Please keep an eye out for upcoming events!  And do not hesitate to reach out with suggestions for further London Alumni Chapter activities.

Dan Celentano

Alumni Ambassador UK

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