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Dienstag, 24. November 2015 | 

About 40 University of Freiburg Alumni based in New York found their way to Paulaner NYC despite the torrential downpour on Oct 28th. Inside, they were greeted by a sunny and friendly atmosphere, topped off by a warm welcome by Jeffrey Himmel (Artco Group), founder of the Alumni Freiburg chapter in North America. During the informal reception, several speakers gave their fellow alumni an overview of upcoming events and current topics related to the University of Freiburg and their internationalization efforts, of which the alumni network is an integral part.

New York Meeting 28/10
Club president Jeffrey Himmel (3rd from the left) and Caroll Neubauer (2nd from the left) welcoming the alumni.

Alumna Katrin Kempiners (DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service) and alumnus Max Wolter (The Princeton Club of New York) highlighted the opportunities for alumni to get involved in upcoming events, Markus Lemmens (Lemmens Media, guest speaker) gave a brief introduction on the role of higher education in the transatlantic relationship between the US and Germany, and alumnus Caroll Neubauer (B.Braun, GACCNY) congratulated Jeffrey Himmel on receiving the ‘Universitätsmedallie’ from the University of Freiburg this summer, honoring his efforts in establishing this very strong and active alumni group in North America and in promoting a culture of “giving back”. Finally, the Freiburg Alumni NYC Holiday Party was announced for Dec 5th at the Princeton Club in New York, where the current Chancellor of the University of Freiburg, Hans-Jochen Schiewer will be joining from Germany. The Holiday Party is expected to be the highlight of this year’s alumni activities in New York, where members and their guests will be able to come together for great food and drink, live music, dancing, Christmas Carols from both continents, and the opportunity to share experiences with old and new friends.Uni-Freiburg Alumni who are interested to attend should contact Mr. Himmel at or Ms. Kempiners at and are encouraged to join the University of Freiburg Alumni North America Groups on MeetUp, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay posted on other upcoming events.

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