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“Dealing with Disruption: Challenges and Choices for 2020” — this was the theme of the fifth annual Friends of Freiburg University gala dinner. The occasion — which brings together alumni, researchers, and members of the trans-Atlantic community — featured lively and thought-provoking conversations about the current political and economic state of affairs of the US, Germany, and Europe.

Dr. Jackson Janes, Dr. Pinelopi Goldberg, Ambassador Wittig and Rector Hans-Jochen Schiewer at the Princeton Club. Photographer: Jamie Rhind
Dr. Jackson Janes, Dr. Pinelopi Goldberg, Ambassador Peter Wittig and Rector Hans-Jochen Schiewer at the Princeton Club. Photographer: Jamie Rhind

A panel discussion featuring an all-Freiburg alumni line-up of Ambassador Peter Wittig (current German ambassador to the United Kingdom), Dr. Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg (Chief Economist of the World Bank), Dr. Jackson Janes (President Emeritus of the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies), and Uni-Freiburg Rector Hans-Jochen Schiewer examined the question for an audience of alumni and Princeton Club members. Later, at the gala dinner, Ambassador Wittig delivered the keynote address, sharing his insight into Brexit, the future of the EU, and the current challenges for the trans-Atlantic partnership.

Photographer: Jamie Rhind

The evening benefited the University College Freiburg, the first English-taught liberal arts and sciences bachelor program in Germany — “a hidden gem within the University of Freiburg,” as Friends of Freiburg President Jeffrey Himmel remarked. Managing Director of UCF, Paul Sterzel, presented on the achievements and experiences of UCF students and faculty, and alumnae of the program, Elena Kloppmann and Viola Taubmann, offered personal testimonials about the quality of their UCF studies. If you were inspired by the evening and would like to support the University College Freiburg, you can do so by clicking here.

Click here for a collection of photos from the evening.

Marta Millar

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