2016 International Alumni Meeting

Freitag, 6. Mai 2016 | 

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It’s that time of year again! From 8 to 10 July 2016, the University of Freiburg invites all former students to meet up with old friends, exchange experiences, and breathe in the atmosphere of the lecture hall again at the Alumni Meeting. Rector Professor Schiewer will introduce the alumni to the new University Library, and former international students can take advantage of their stay in Freiburg to reactivate their language skills in the Language Teaching Centre’s “Brush Up On Your German” course from 11 to 16 July.

The new...
The new…

The faculties have yet again put together a colorful program of lectures, presentations, and guided tours for alumni. The highlight of the weekend will be a reception in the new University Library by the University of Freiburg’s rector and Freiburg’s mayor. Guided tours of the modern building will be offered after the reception, giving everyone the chance to get their own impression of Freiburg’s new focal point for student life.

... reflects the old.
… reflects the old.


Beyond the university, the new University Library, and academic lectures,  the program of this year’s Alumni Meeting also includes additional attractions for visiting alumni, including concerts and the Freiburg Wine Festival on Cathedral Square. Thus, the prospects for an enjoyable weekend in the university town of Freiburg could hardly be better.

Click here to read the complete program of the meeting.

After the meeting, the Language Teaching Institute (SLI) will be offering a one-week “Brush Up On Your German” course for former students from 11 to 16 July. The participants will receive the opportunity to sharpen up their language skills in a German course each morning and then take excursions to nearby places of interest in the afternoons, including the eco-friendly neighborhood Vauban, the Alsace region in France, and of course also the Black Forest. Click here for the entire program of “Brush Up On Your German.”

The alumni team is available to answer your questions about the meeting: meeting@alumni.uni-freiburg.de

For questions about the language course, please contact the SLI directly: sommer.winter@sli.uni-freiburg.de

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