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Alumni Meeting 2016

Alumni Meeting 2016 - Where Nostalgia meets Cutting-Edge Research

If you get nostalgic thinking back on summers in Freiburg during your studies, then we have good news for you: At the Alumni Meeting 2016 from 8 to 10 July, you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in your nostalgia and learn about current research at the same time! What has changed at the university? What does Freiburg look like nowadays? What are all your old friends up to? Find out at the Alumni Meeting 2016!» more

Marie Claudine Zangna

Club President Marie Claudine Zangna on Her Experiences Studying in Freiburg

Marie Claudine Zangna earned her higher education entrance qualification at the Deutsch-Französisches Gymnasium in Freiburg in 1979, before going on to study pharmacy at the University of Freiburg. Today she is president of the University of Freiburg alumni club in Cameroon. Alumni'aktuell spoke with her about her experiences studying in Germany and the goals of the Cameroon Alumni Club.
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Astrid Fritz

How Is Astrid Fritz Doing?

Astrid Fritz studied Romance studies and German studies at the University of Freiburg from 1980–1987. Today she uses her charm, wit, and knowledge to whisk readers off to bygone days in her historical novels, many of which are set in Freiburg. The author has succeeded time and again over the years in arousing readers’ interest in history with her gripping tales. Her path to authorship began with a Freiburg city guide. Alumni'aktuell asked the well-known author about her bond with Freiburg..
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